• CCND Air Monitoring is now live

    Dear Community Member: 
    Given your interest in Commerce City and North Denver (CCND) Air Monitoring, we want to let you know that the program is now live. You can visit www.ccnd-air.comavailable in both English and Spanish, to access the program dashboard and learn more. Additionally, you can view a video on CCND Air Monitoring to learn more about the program.  
    The program was developed in a coordinated and collaborative manner with existing air monitoring networks in Commerce City and North Denver, and it was further shaped by the community during our public meetings held in May. CCND Air Monitoring will continue to evolve throughout an initial evaluation phase of about one year. Throughout this process, we will continue engaging with the community to obtain input on the program. 
    Additional information about CCND Air Monitoring 

    • Montrose Air Quality Services (Montrose), a third-party team of environmental experts, will deploy, maintain and operate the program. Montrose will also implement a rigorous quality assurance program to ensure the validity and quality of the data collected. 
    • The 8 stationary air monitoring sites in the CCND Air Monitoring network will provide continuous, near real-time measurements for different compounds. You can view the sites on the CCND Air Monitoring website. Suncor Energy (U.S.A.) Inc. and Montrose are finalizing the final two air monitoring locations.  
    • In the near future, CCND Air Monitoring data also will be available via a smartphone app. 
    • CCND Air Monitoring will also routinely deploy a mobile lab (van) that can detect VOC compounds of known refinery-related constituents. 
    Our goal is to be a trusted partner, supporting Colorado’s energy future. CCND Air Monitoring is the latest testament to our commitment to work with the community.  
    Suncor Energy (U.S.A) Inc.   
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    Web: suncor.com/Colorado

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